Personalized Guidance

Identify and resolve current blockages in your life path.
Clarity has been life changing. I’m a believer in getting outside support and coaching, but I have never gone through a process as holistic as Clarity. It helped me focus my personal vision, identify the specific action steps I need to realize it, and break free from false attachments and resistance to my own growth. I now feel aligned with what I want and confident in how to get there thanks to Clarity.
Avin Kline
Founder of eScale Web Development Agency
The result of my work with Clarity is that I chose to accept a new position, nearly doubling my previous salary. As someone who can often be indecisive, I appreciated the open questions which allowed me to be authentically myself while coming to direct conclusions about what I really wanted, as well as the deep breathing and visualization exercises that helped me release things and move forward. I'm truly grateful!
Jennifer Fonseca
Senior Coach & TrainerFloyd Consulting
I see the benefits showing up in my daily life. Clarity is a precise and innovative methodology that helped me take the next step in my life and career by pin-pointing patterns that weren't serving me and guiding me to implement strategies to create positive outcomes. I recommend this work to anyone that sincerely wants to endeavor in a life changing journey and take matters into their own hands.
Valentina Caro
Researcher at University of Chicago
Clarity is a calming way to take the jumbled mess in my mind, organize it all into bite-sized pieces, and get rid of the internal confusion so that my thoughts are focused and everything flows. It was a deep dive into my own motivations, helping me manifest my visions by optimizing my energy and confidence.
Chrissy Kirkwood
Real Estate Broker
Every moment was valuable, never a wasted second. I don’t think I’ll ever stop thanking you for helping me focus my life. Prioritizing my interests and leaving myself more open to opportunities of high value has already made such a meaningful difference in my life. I cannot believe it. You are amazing.
Michelle Bakels
Software Engineer
I feel cleansed, decompressed, lightened, and enlightened. I love how thorough the sessions are and how deep we went into the root of the situation and to the depth of my purpose and alignment with an overall direction. Clarity outlined a clear path forward into my future, and it has brought a sense of peaceful calmness and zen to my next steps.
Owen Rivers
Clarity is visionary consulting that is so simple, yet transformative. It helped me to really get clear on what I want, how I need to get there. It’s a relaxing deep-dive that helps me get objective wisdom about my goals and priorities, and right afterwards I feel driven, energized, organized, and ready to execute.
Jack Sandquist
Founder of Urban Abundance
This was the deepest inner work I’ve ever done in my life, and it helped me take a new level of responsibility. It was such helpful guidance to face myself and come up with a new path for my future, and I feel like I’ve shed a ton of emotional weight, to the point where I feel clear now to be making moves, following up, taking risks, and making traction in my career and creating the life I want.
Lianne Hikind
Freelance Copy Writer